• Prince George and Princess Charlotte will return to Thomas's Battersea this week
  • The royal siblings get to enjoy a wide range of menu selections in school
  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte don't eat meat in school every Friday

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be returning to Thomas’s Battersea after their lengthy Christmas break. Over the holidays, the royal siblings spent time with their family in Sandringham.

According to The Sun, the royal siblings get to enjoy a lavish snack and lunch options in school. But with every change of season, the menu selections also differ.

This is simply because every three weeks, a new menu is designed for the kids. This way, they will get to enjoy a variety of food options and not get tired of certain types of dishes.

On Fridays, the kids enrolled at Thomas’s Battersea do not eat meat. Instead, they get to enjoy a slew of vegetarian options like macaroni and cheese, as well as tomato paninis.

During their morning snack, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and their classmates have bread and soup. They also have a main course, and each one gets a pudding for dessert.

Some options to choose from including a protein dish or fish, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy options.

“Thomas's school lunches are the envy of the parents; their school chefs are first class. French onion soups, salmon dishes with dauphinoise potatoes plus an array of amazing puddings are the daily fare. Snacks are fruit and vegetables which are sourced daily. No sugar loading is permitted,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte just joined Thomas’s Battersea in September. At that time, the 4-year-old made headlines as she entered the school alongside her mom, Kate Middleton.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also stepped out in public last month when they joined the senior royals at the annual Christmas Day walkabout. It was the first time for the royal siblings to attend the Christmas Day church service with their family.

Prince William was around Princess Charlotte’s age when he first joined Prince Charles and Princess Diana during a similar outing. But some netizens are convinced that the appearance of the royal siblings was Queen Elizabeth’s way of diverting the public’s attention away from Prince Andrew’s scandal.