They decided they wanted to keep the details about their baby’s birth private, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now being attacked for that plan.

In an appearance on Sky News (via Express UK), royal commentator Carole Malone called the decision not to do a photocall after their baby’s birth “a slap in the face” the royal fans and said that the couple was being inconsiderate with the decision.

“Someone needs to explain to me how a statement announcing the baby’s name, weight and gender would invade their privacy or deny them precious family time,” she said. “This is an unprecedented slap in the face for those legions of decent, ordinary people who love the Royal Family and see the royal birth as a joyous, national celebration—a celebration they’ve now been shut out of.”

It’s been reported that the Duchess of Sussex is also planning on a home birth at Frogmore Cottage instead of giving birth in the Lindo Wing to also avoid the photocall on the steps outside the hospital—and that she’s too “nervous” to do so. However, that was also called out by Malone, who criticized the Duchess over it.

“No one’s expecting Meghan to parade her baby minutes after giving birth and of course they are entitled to private time with Baby Sussex but how hard would it be to spend two measly minutes outside the hospital waving and smiling at people who only want to wish them well?” she said. “Us Brits give so much to the Royal Family, we also pay for the privilege of having them. Isn’t it time the Royals have something back?”

Since announcing she was expecting her first child back in October, Markle has faced several different criticisms from the public, with some even claiming that the Duchess might even be faking her pregnancy—and even a video of her reportedly reacting as her baby kicked her belly was criticized as being faked.

She was also consistently at the center of rumors of a feud, both with Kate Middleton, and allegedly one between Prince Harry and Prince William.