There have been conspiracy theorists who are convinced that Meghan Markle’s baby bump is fake and that she and Prince Harry will actually welcome their first child together via a surrogate, but a new video of a milestone moment for the mom-to-be may finally be able to put those claims she is faking her pregnancy to rest.

Popular Instagram fan account @harry_meghan_updates recently posted a video of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to Bristol, and during one moment where the two are seen listening during a conversation, Markle clearly experiences a milestone moment for all mothers-to-be, as the baby seems to kick and take her breath away.

The video, which is silent, shows Markle briefly look down towards her bump and seem to take a deep breath in. A part of her dress also seems to move with what looks like a major kick.

Many commenters on the post expressed joy over the video and excitement over what it meant for the baby-to-be, who is due this Spring. However, the video still brought out comments from some who may be questioning the legitimacy of the pregnancy, with one commenter stating “kind of suspicious she had her hand there before it moved. A device, maybe?”

That comment led to several where fans quickly moved to defend Markle, who has also been criticized in the past for constantly holding her baby bump and placing her hands on it. One in particular noted that she likely does it as a calming and soothing gesture towards her baby, something they themselves stated they did during their own pregnancy.

“Trolls beware. I was pregnant with twins and I had to cradle my belly NON STOP because they were moving constantly. Wherever I placed my hand, they would kick and calm down, then kick again,” they wrote. “It was amazing to feel. Duchess Meghan is trying to soothe the little one. This video is so amazing. I cannot stop watching. So excited to meet the bundle of joy! He/she will be a feisty one.”

Suggestions that Markle was faking the pregnancy began to surface in January, when someone on social media criticized that no definitive due date had been released, and stated that the bump was different every time Markle stepped out in public.

As far as a lack of exact due date is concerned however, Kensington palace never confirmed due dates for any of Kate Middleton’s pregnancies either, likely to try and afford royal couples some semblance of privacy.