Prince Harry has faced a lot of criticism lately, especially during his son Archie’s christening.

One netizen took to Quora and asked why the Duke of Sussex was criticized for being “poorly dressed” at his son’s baptism. Many believed that the criticism was baseless and was from miserable individuals who just want to nitpick him.

“Because it’s the current fad to nitpick him and his family for anything and everything. A certain group of people, obviously miserable themselves, only feel good when they tear down someone else…preferably someone who can’t fight back,” Jacque Scott commented.

“That is what it’s about, somebody needing attention and having to criticize someone else,” Kathleen Grace, an artist, photographer, reader and researcher wrote.

“It’s a way to justify their own lackluster existence. Ignore babbling heads when what they say means absolutely nothing.”

Meanwhile, Tim Restuvelli believed that it was because “many people are obsessed with celebrity and have nothing better to do.”

Nikisha Cooper agreed and added that the trolls and biased media had nothing to do, so they criticized a man who loves his wife and son. For her, Prince Harry looked as great as the other members of the royal family who attended the event.

During Archie’s baptism, netizens slammed Prince Harry for his outfit because he looked “terrible” and a “mess.” One said that his light suit was inappropriate for the event. Meanwhile, a number said that the Duke of Sussex wore mismatched shoes and socks.

“Who is styling him these days???? He looks like a scruff ball and that beard needs to be gone. Does nothing for him. How he can look this good years before and then now look like he picked whatever was lying around?” one netizen asked.

Prince Harry reportedly made another fashion faux pas when he and Meghan Markle attended the premiere of “The Lion King” in London. Prince William’s brother arrived in a black tuxedo with a “ready made” bow tie. His white shirt underneath his tuxedo featured a simple classic collar and button-down front which made him look “more informal.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is pictured attending a Commonwealth Day Youth Event on March 11, 2019 in London, England. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images