Prince William is said to be more intelligent than Prince Harry. The former is an academic, while the latter is more into the arts.

But on the online forum site Quora, it has also been said that Prince William is smarter than his wife, Kate Middleton. Deanna Eppers, who loves to visit the United Kingdom, said that Prince William did well at Eton.

When he studied at the University of St. Andrews, he received pretty high scores. Middleton also earned similar grades. After graduating with a degree in geography, Prince William went on to take his Master’s Degree, and his score of 2:1 was considered pretty good.

Of course,1 is the highest score in the United Kingdom, and it is equivalent to A in the United States. 2.1 is a better score than 2.2, wherein the former is equivalent to B. Prince William and Middleton were both B students.

“William clearly possesses linguistic, logical, spatial, and he is good at interpersonal. I think having Diana as a mother, who would talk to him and confide in William, made Prince William good at interpersonal skills… Catherine possesses finer skills in sports,” she said.

Royal fan David Grain also said that Prince William is smart because he went to the University of St. Andrews based on his school exam results.

“He obtained a 2.1 degree which, if not the highest, is still better than his father who obtained a 2.2. It is reported that while at Sandhurst Military Academy, he was never in the running for the Sword of Honor, the award for the most outstanding officer cadet, but he was among the top three in his year,” he said.

Jacquie Maurice, a retired individual, said that Prince William is not only intelligent; he is also caring and reliable. Malka Gittel Bas Reuven, a Baroness, said that Prince William took second level honors at Eton, which means he’s not a rocket scientist but he’s not shabby either.

Prince William
Prince William attends the unveiling of The Victoria Cross Commemorative Paving Stones representing each of Birmingham's 1st World War recepients at the Hall of Memory, Centenary Square on Dec. 7, 2015 in Birmingham, England. Getty Images/Richard Stonehouse