Queen Elizabeth II will turn 95 in two years, and there are rumors that she will be abdicating in favor of Prince Charles. There are also rumors regarding the exact date when the Queen will pass on her role to the future King.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told Yahoo’s “The Royal Box” that the Queen has already slowed down in recent years and relinquishing her power to her eldest son is something that Prince Charles is prepared for.

“There are talks that when she reaches 95 in a couple of years, she may slow down and possibly the Regency Act will be brought in,” Dampier said.

But on the online forum site Quora, royal fans said that there’s no way to know when exactly the Queen will bring in the Regency Act. And the rumors that she will abdicate on April 21, 2021, are also not true.

Burney Marsh, a professor, said that the date was nothing but a mere concoction of the media.

“The Regency Act is applicable only if the sovereign can no longer perform her duties as monarch, whether by mental or physical infirmity. It is up to the Queen to trigger the Regency Act at whatever time she deems appropriate,” he said.

And even though Her Majesty has been passing on some of her duties to Prince Charles, she also said that she will never abdicate. And as such, rumors that will give up the throne when she turns 95 are not true.

Chris Hawkes, a citizen of the United Kingdom, also said that if the Queen is still able to perform her duties when she’s 120 years old, the Regency Act will not be imposed. Her Majesty will never set aside her role in favor of Prince Charles no matter how old he may become before he is crowned as King.

Prince Charles will turn 71 years old in November, while the Queen just turned 93 earlier this year.