Queen Elizabeth reportedly regretted her meetings with one member of the royal family.

In the book “The Queen and Di: The Untold Story,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that Her Majesty dreaded her meetings with the Princess of Wales because they left her feeling drained, despondent, and confused.

This state is quite uncommon for Her Majesty because she’s a woman who is accustomed to the certainties of her position. And since she felt uncomfortable during her meetings with the Princess of Wales, she decided to meet up with the late royal less and less.

Princess Diana interpreted the Queen’s distance from her as jealousy. Prince Charles’ ex-wife thought that she and her ex-husband’s popularity made the Queen uncomfortable.

In the book “The Firm,” royal author Penny Junor said, “Diana’s popularity was phenomenal but it was not the first time that the nation, or indeed the world, had fallen in love with a beautiful royal princess.”

Several years ago, royal fans also felt the same way when the Queen and Princess Margaret was much younger. Back in the day, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret’s husband also talent-spotted for the royal siblings.

Meanwhile, the Queen and Princess Diana had a very complicated relationship with each other. According to Reader’s Digest, the 93-year-old monarch expected that her daughter-in-law would understand what royal life entailed because she also came from an aristocratic background.

However, the pressures of being a royal became a huge burden to the Princess of Wales. In 1991, the Princess of Wales penned a letter detailing how extremely isolated she felt because the royal family constantly misunderstood her.

In 1992, Princess Diana’s conversation with Andrew Morton was released in “Diana: Her True Story.” After reading the contents of the book, the Queen was stunned by what was written about the royal family. She was even more shocked that Prince Charles’ ex-wife would air her dirty linen in such a controversial way.

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Pictured: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Queen Mother, Princess Diana with Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Getty Images/PA