The members of the royal family do not name their children after Princess Diana for some reasons.

One netizen wondered why the royal babies were not named after the late Princess of Wales. The question was posted on the online forum Quora and it received a number of responses from royal fans.

According to Abigail Macdonald, a resident from the U.K., only Princess Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry are likely to name their kids after their mom. The Duke of Cambridge already did this to his only daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

“Well, Williams daughter Charlotte has Diana as one of her middle names…I think maybe they don’t use the Diana name for one of the royal children for a first name is, because they think it will bring up too much past stuff,” Lou Park, a tarot and astrology reader, wrote.

She added that many royals didn’t like Princess Diana. However, the public liked her but lost it after she died. Meanwhile, it was a bad time for the royals since they looked like a bad bunch when the People’s Princess passed away.

Allison Thompson, former staff of the sales and marketing management at Becton Dickinson, said that Princess Diana is a “touchy subject” at the palace. She added that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to name their daughter Diana, but it didn’t go well.

Sue MacCune Martin, who read and study about the British royal family, said that the name Diana isn’t exactly a traditional royal name. Also, it’s associated with a very difficult time for the royal family.

Others felt that choosing the name Diana would be a burden to the child.

“I think this name would be a huge burden for any girl in the family and the member of the Royal Family who had to look for a name for their little girls apparently didn’t want to put that burden upon them,” Anke Scholz-Jortzick, a former CEO, wrote.

He added that the name would not be received with delight by the Queen and Prince of Wales. He wondered if Prince Harry will pick the name if he were to have a daughter.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Woman’s Day, Prince William would be furious if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would pick “Diana” for their firstborn in case they had a girl.

The report claimed that Prince William wanted his daughter Princess Charlotte to be named after his mom, but out of respect to their father Prince Charles who is already married to Camilla Parker Bowles, he opted to just use “Diana” as one of his daughter’s middle names.

Princess Diana
Britain’s Princess Diana arrives on Oct. 4, 1990 for a charity gala at the Departmental Auditorium in Washington. Kevin Larkin/AFP/Getty Images