Sony might not officially be at E3 2019, but that doesn’t mean that the gaming giant has already lost to other game companies. In fact, a report claims that Sony didn’t really need to have its own livestream or panel at E3 to be there. Here’s why.

Every gamer and person interested in the video game entertainment world knows that E3 is the place for game companies to generate hype and gamers to get hyped, Engadget noted. With that in mind, does it seem unwise for Sony to decide not to have a press conference during E3? Not really.

According to Engadget’s analysis, Sony might’ve benefited from its absence from E3 in a variety of ways. These actually give the game company a good reason not to take the risk and make big announcements at the yearly video game event. Simply put, Sony didn’t need to be at E3 to be at E3 for a few reasons:

Long-term PR

Sony’s approach to this year’s PR is a good one. Unlike other gaming companies that made big announcements at E3, Sony decided to create a small but steady flow of information that’s sure to nail the company’s name, games and next-gen console in everyone’s mind.

Sony’s drip feed of info started when Mark Cerny revealed the key specs inside the next-gen PlayStation console. This was followed by videos showing the difference between the current PS4 Pro’s rendering capabilities compared to the next-gen console. These two things obviously got people stirred up for Sony, and will keep waiting for details until the console is released after 2019.

With E3 coming, Sony also opened its annual Days of Play Sale just a few days before other game companies had the chance to announce their games and plans at E3.

At E3 Without At E3

Sony is also getting a lot of free marketing during E3 as third parties and partners are continually announcing their support for Sony in different ways.

First are the game companies that announced big titles exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Square Enix, for example, announced the biggest RPG title fans are waiting for -- “Final Fantasy VII Remake.” These titles also include the highly anticipated Hideo Kojima title, “Death Stranding.”

Second are the companies that announced cross-platform titles that are coming to the PS4 along with other platforms, even titles that were announced at the Xbox stage. These titles include “Cyberpunk 2077,” “Marvel’s Avengers,” “The Outer Worlds,” and more.

These announcements all point to the PlayStation 4, which points to Sony.