Why Was "The Client List" Cancelled?
Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV series "The Client List" won't return for a third season. Facebook

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s made-for-TV movie turned television series “The Client List” was officially given the axe late last week. Despite Lifetime publicly thanking fans for their support on their official Facebook page Monday, a confirmed reason for the show's dismissal was never released. While distraught fans may never receive a resolved ending to Hewitt’s characters' (mom and massage parlor prostitute Riley Parks) story, three rumored reasons behind Lifetime’s decision to cancel the two-season series have recently been revealed.


Multiple published reports (the first released by TV Line Friday) claim that Hewitt’s ongoing feud with “The Client List” producers was the main reason for the show’s cancellation. Allegedly Hewitt, 34, who also served as a producer on the series, was at odds with the network over how to incorporate her real-life pregnancy into the show’s storyline.

"Hewitt was requesting that her real-life fiance and baby daddy Brian Hallisay play her character Riley’s baby daddy on the show,” stated the report, which claims producers “balked” at the star's proposal. (The 35-year-old actor portrayed Hewitt’s estranged, on-screen husband Kyle Parks in the series.)


For "The Client List," declining views may have equaled cancellation. Despite the show’s Lifetime original movie of the same name receiving an impressive 3.9 million views during its premiere in 2010, and the show’s initial pilot in 2012 earing the title of “the most-watched series launch” on the network since 2009, the slipping “The Client List” ratings may have also played a role in Lifetime’s decision to axe the series.

According to a report from Deadline.com, the series’ ending was “mainly talented related” but its slipping ratings didn’t go unnoticed by Lifetime and Sony Pictures TV. Reportedly, the show kicked off season two in March with 2.7 million views but steadily slipped, garnering only 2 million during its finale in June.


Hewitt may have sparred with fellow producers, but she isn’t the “witch” that is rumored to have caused the “Client List” cancellation. Deadline.com reported Friday that Lifetime decided to let go the racy drama after the success of the release of two recent series, “Devious Maids” and “Witches of East End.”

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