Kanye West’s appearance at the “12.12.12” Sandy Relief Concert at Madison Square Garden Wednesday had many social media users flocking to Twitter and asking the same question -- why was he wearing a leather skirt?

The all-star concert was thrown together to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy, but all anyone could focus on when West was on stage was what was going on with his wardrobe.

Within moments of West stepping out on the stage, many began to wonder, what was the hip-hop superstar doing wearing a leather skirt? “Why is Kanye” and “#leatherskirt” instantly became to the topic of discussion on the miniblogosphere.

Some joked that West had broken into girlfriend Kim Kardashian's closet to wear one of her skirts to the benefit event.

West joined a list of performers that included The Who, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, among many other famous pop stars. As West performed, some viewers commented on how they had been waiting all night to see native Long Islander Billy Joel perform, but instead they were sitting there watching West bolt around the stage in a leather kilt.

Some of the popular tweets were:

“Why is Kanye wearing a dress? And where did his talent go?” @rangersreport said.

“Why is kanye wearing a skirt? Why did they let him in there???” @sean77staley wrote.

“Why is Kanye here, his first album came out after I was born,” ‏@matthew_brennan joked, since West was one of the youngest performers at the event on Wednesday.

“Watching the Concert for Sandy now. Why is Kanye wearing a black leather skirt? SMH! ((a-to-the-j))” @ILiveHipHop wondered.

Facebook users were just as intrigued as those on Twitter when they got a load of what Kanye West was performing in.

“The hell with the skirt, why is he there? KAYNE WASTE!” one person wrote. Another noted that this was probably his way of getting attention and thus prompting more people to donate to the fund.

But that didn’t stop others from taking the opportunity to make fun of the rapper, “Maybe a new item from the Kardashian collection? Kilt like,” someone else joked.

Why do you think Kanye West decided to wear a skirt during the “12.12.12” concert?