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A group of wild monkeys are wreaking havoc on an Indonesian village. In the latest attack seven people have been injured, local media report.

The monkeys have been attacking the Indonesian village of Toddang Pulu in the Sidendeng Rappang District of South Sulawesi province, reports The Jakarta Post. Approximately 10 monkeys attacked the village and proceeded to enter homes, biting and clawing at people.

It is unclear what caused the monkeys to ransack the village. Ambo Ella, a local official, told the Post the monkey attack was not the result of habitat loss. Ella said the villagers respect the jungle and have not cleared it and still conduct rituals in the woods. Ella said the monkeys are normally fearful of humans and will run away whenever they hear human voices, reports The Associated Press.

Of the seven victims of the monkey attack, one 16-year-old boy was critically wounded, reports AP. The boy is being treated for bite wounds at a hospital.

While these monkey attacks are not common, they do occur. In July 2012, a group of monkeys attacked a Malaysian village, reports New Straits Times of Singapore. In that attack, three people were injured.

In some tourist areas of Indonesia, monkeys frequently interact with humans and an attack can occur for various reasons. A quick YouTube search gives plenty of examples of individuals in Bali, Thailand, China, Mexico, Laos and India being attacked by monkeys. There are other videos depicting monkey attacks at zoos.