Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, said Thursday that his father would concede to Democratic nominee Joe Biden if he loses in a landslide. The president suggested earlier this week that there may not be a peaceful transfer of power if Biden wins.

“I think my father’s just saying listen, if he got blown out of the water, of course, he’d concede,” Eric Trump said at a campaign event Thursday in Las Vegas. “If he thought there was massive fraud, then he’d go and try and address that.”

The president has frequently railed against mail-in ballots, claiming without evidence that they are ripe for fraud. FBI Director Christopher Wray said Friday that he had not seen any evidence of mail-in ballot fraud, although the White House quickly rebuked his statements.

President Trump has suggested in recent months that he may also not concede the election, depending on the results. Biden attacked President Trump over his mail-in voting claims on Friday and said he is confident that the incumbent will leave the White House.

“Every vote in this country is going to be heard and they will not be stopped. I'm confident that all of the irresponsible, outrageous attacks on voting, we’ll have an election in this country as we always have had, and he'll leave,” Biden told MSNBC.

Recent polls show Biden with a strong nationwide lead over Trump. A recent Economist/YouGov survey shows Biden with a 7-point lead over the incumbent, 49% to 42%.