Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski admitted she has trouble landing roles because of her large breasts. In this photo, the actress attends the 89th Academy Awards - Oscars Vanity Fair Party in Beverly Hills, California on Feb. 26, 2017. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Women face a lot of scrutiny in Hollywood, and it’s become usual for them to be dismissed for being too short, too tall, too fat or too skinny. In the case of Emily Ratajkowski, she is often being overlooked for movie roles because of her large breasts.

“There’s this thing that happens to me: ‘Oh, she’s too sexy.’ It’s like an anti-woman thing, that people don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big. What’s wrong with boobs? They’re a beautiful feminine thing that needs to be celebrated. Like, who cares? They are great big, they are great small. Why should that be an issue?” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

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Ratajkowski, a former supermodel, ventured into acting by starring in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video. She earlier told Entertainment Tonight that acting is more fulfilling than modeling, so she left her old career and embraced this new one by nabbing roles in “Gone Girl,” “Entourage,” and “We Are Your Friends.” Her upcoming movie projects include “Cruise,” “In Darkness” and “Welcome Home.”

Ratajkowski has some strong views regarding feminism in Hollywood, and she credits “Beauty and the Beast” star and UN ambassador for gender equality Emma Watson for empowering her. “To start saying that certain people need to have a license to be feminist is insane,” she told Glamour UK. “Emma Watson said feminism isn’t some kind of tool to beat other women with, it’s supposed to be a freedom of choice.”

“I believe in sexuality,” Ratajkowski continued. “I think it’s a wonderful thing and, if anything, I want women to understand their own sexuality outside of a patriarchal male gaze. We’re the core of sexual beings, and I think that’s something that should be celebrated rather than attacked.”

She admitted that women really have to prove their worth in Hollywood, but she’s more than ready to take on the challenge. “It takes a really long time to not only prove yourself, but also prove that you’re more dynamic than just this one part of you that they see,” she said.