F is for Family
"F is for Family" premiered on Netflix on Dec. 18. The streaming site has not announced if the show will be renewed for a second season. Netflix

If you already binge-watched Netflix’s new animated comedy, “F is for Family,” then you already have this big question on your mind – will there be a second season? Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce whether or not the Murphy family will be returning. However, series co-creator Bill Burr is hopeful.

Since the show’s release on Dec. 18, Burr has been retweeting praise for “F is for Family” and responding to fans. When asked if there will be more episodes, the 47-year-old comedian posted the following response, which was retweeted by fellow co-creator Michael Price:

“F is for Family” is set in 1973 and follows the Murphy family – Frank (Burr), Sue (Laura Dern), Kevin (Justin Long), Maureen (Debi Derryberry) and Bill (Haley Reinhart). Murphy patriarch Frank is a hard working employee for an airline who can’t seem to catch a break – even at home. His eldest son, Kevin, is flunking school, and his youngest son, Bill, is getting bullied. Meanwhile, his daughter Maureen is a daddy’s girl with a wild side and his wife, Sue, just wants to be something more than a wife and mother.

“F is for Family” has a five star rating on Netflix, but since the streaming service doesn’t release viewership numbers, it’s unclear if the animated comedy can be considered a “success.” And Netflix doesn’t appear to have a pattern when it comes to renewing its original content. For example, Season 2 of “Orange is The New Black” was renewed before the show even debuted in 2013. Meanwhile, “Grace and Frankie” premiered on May 8, 2015 and was renewed for a second season just a few weeks later on May 26. Season 2 of “Grace and Frankie” hasn’t been released yet, but earlier this month Netflix announced that they renewed it for a third season as well.

Fortunately “F is for Family” is not alone. Aziz Ansari comedy “Master of None,” which premiered on the streaming site last month, still does not have a second season pickup despite praise from fans and critics.

Until Netflix reveals the fate of “F is for Family,” check out fan reactions to the six-episode first season: