Hannah Brown was unable to find a lasting romance on her season of “The Bachelorette.” After making a cameo on Peter Weber’s current “The Bachelor” season, and ABC teasing her comeback so much that fans think she’ll pop up in his finale, it appears she could find herself getting another chance to find love on national TV.

Spoiler blogger Reality Steve recently released a blog post revealing that ABC has yet to make a decision on who will be “The Bachelorette” 2020 lead. This led to him discussing the “constant chatter” about Hannah B. taking the spot for a second time.

“And while I don’t think that’s set in stone, I certainly am not saying it’s impossible,” he wrote. “The women this season are leaving a lot to be desired for the next lead, so, I’m not sure exactly where their head is at.”

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In a followup post on Feb .5, he continued to share his thoughts about Hannah once again jumping into the “Bachelorette” lead following her 2019 season on the network.

“Hannah Brown is someone you can’t rule out for ‘Bachelorette.’ Doesn’t mean she’s going to be, but to say ‘no way?’ No. She’s in play,” he wrote in response to a fan inquiry.

As part of two separate answers to reader questions, the blogger added that he wouldn’t be surprised if ABC selected Hannah over Peter’s current “Bachelor” contestants, resulting in a “Hannah Brown 2.0 season” and reported that he “definitely” thinks Hannah would agree to star again.

Ultimately, Reality Steve reports that ABC is going to select who they want for the spot, not who fans want.

“As much as they say they want the fans feedback, they’re gonna choose who they want to choose and will use their own reasoning for doing it,” he explained. “Because everyone has a fan base, so they can easily justify it with, ‘The fans really wanted her.’ Please. It’s who YOU want and who YOU think will play the game. Stop insulting our intelligence making us think the fans have any say in who the next lead is. They don’t and you know it.”

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Hannah Brown and Peter Weber are pictured during "The Bachelor" Season 24 premiere. ABC