Hannah Brown made a shocking return to the Bachelor mansion during last week’s “The Bachelor” premiere and some fans think this could be a clue as to how Peter Weber’s season of the ABC series ends.

While Peter was meeting his Season 24 contestants, Hannah surprised him by stepping out of a limo. And while the purpose of their meeting was to give them closure to their romance from “The Bachelorette,” Hannah went on to make a second appearance during the 2020 premiere.

As a surprise to Peter, Hannah played host to his second group date of the episode. After sharing the story of their intimate fantasy suite date, she informed the woman in attendance that they too would be sharing their own sex stories in front of a live audience. While the women prepared, she and Peter reunited where she made a tearful confession.

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“I question it all the time,” she said when asked if she regretted eliminating him on her season. Hannah added that she initially had “no doubts” that Peter would be in her final two.

After Peter revealed he was still willing to make things work with her following her finale and her failed engagement to Jed Wyatt, Hannah said she didn’t reach out to him thinking he wanted to be the next “The Bachelor.”

“I know that there’s still something there,” she said.

During their discussion, Peter said he was “confused” and asked Hannah if she would want to join his cast as a contestant. While her decision won’t be revealed until Monday’s installment, it has already been reported that Hannah will not officially join the cast. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from predicting she may return later this season.

In the premiere, ABC showed a flash-forward to Peter’s finale where host Chris Harrison is shown telling him some shocking news. “There’s something I just found out. All of us just found out...I’m not sure how all this ends,” he says. What follows is a clip of Peter’s mom tearfully telling him not to “let her go” and to “bring her home to us.” Add this to the fact that spoiler blogger Reality Steve has reported Peter’s winner has yet to be revealed (we do know his final two) and fans are speculating this could mean Peter actually ends up with Hannah Brown.

So, is it possible? While Reality Steve has made it clear there are “no concrete answers” as to Peter’s winner right now, he did suggest Hannah being at the final rose ceremony was unlikely. According to his findings, the finale taped in Australia on Nov. 17, which is when Hannah was busy filming and competing on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” in California. For reference, the semi-finals for “DWTS” aired live on Nov. 18.

“Hannah Brown at that time was accounted for in LA still rehearsing since she had semifinal week at DWTS coming up...Hannah Brown never took a 32 hr roundtrip excursion to Australia for Peter’s finale. Didn’t happen,” he explained on his blog, adding, “So you can rule that part out of her showing up out there.”

As for those looking for Peter to find love elsewhere, he added that after episode 2 viewers won’t see Hannah again this season and that she’s “not a topic on anyone’s mind.”

Catch the rest of Peter and Hannah's conversation when "The Bachelor" returns with an all-new episode Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Hannah Brown and Peter Weber are pictured during "The Bachelor" Season 24 premiere. ABC