Justin Bieber
Canadian pop star Justin Bieber in court after his DUI arrest. Reuters

Justin Bieber got into a heap of trouble Thursday after he was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. The story grabbed headlines as well as the attention of his fans and haters alike. While Bieber's supporters sent the teen sensation well-wishes, those who aren’t impressed with the 19-year-old hoped his irresponsible antics would get him deported to Canada.

The Canadian singer's DUI is just one of the recent events that have gotten the “Believe” singer plenty of negative press. Deportation was being tossed around after Bieber was involved in “egg-gate” -- when the star was accused of egging a neighbor’s house, and the roar to get the “Beauty and a Beat” singer out of the U.S. has only grown after his latest problem.

While he might have claimed the hearts of millions of tween and teenage girls and boys, there are many who just can’t stand to hear Bieber’s name. Those are the people who are rooting against him and those are the individuals who probably helped make the hashtag “DeportBieber” a trending topic on Twitter Thursday evening.

A side-by-side meme of a young Bieber next to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was widely shared. Sherman was called a thug on television 625 times after he had a candid interview with Fox reporter Erin Andrews after his team beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. The meme points out Sherman went to Stanford and then lists Bieber’s most recent troubles of reportedly egging his neighbor’s house, his DUI and smoking weed.

Check out with the people trending #DeportBieber had to say below:

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