Following the death of comedian Joan Rivers, many believed that Kathy Griffin would take over her friend's role on the popular E! show “Fashion Police.” Despite denying such rumors were true, Griffin now confirms that she was offered the position.

According to the New York City medical examiner, Rivers died due to predictable complications that arose during a surgery to check her vocal cords and her acid reflux disease. After going into cardiac arrest, the late comedian was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital and placed in a medically induced coma. One week later, on Sept. 4, she was pronounced dead.

Before her untimely death, Rivers was one of four panelists -- including Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos -- that discussed Hollywood’s fashion hits and misses on the E! network show. Following the loss of Rivers, who had been on the show since it began in 2002, E! announced that it would continue with the show in Jan. 2015, according to Entertainment Weekly. However, the network did not say if it would just use the three existing panelists or if it would attempt to replace Rivers.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Griffin confirmed that the network is hoping to find a fourth panelist and that it wants her for the job.

“They did offer it to me," Griffin said at a “Make Equality Reality” event earlier this week. “I don't know if the situation is correct at this time for me or right for me at this time.”

While that doesn’t necessarily mean the former “My Life On The D-List” star won’t be joining the cast, it’s also not a confirmation of her acceptance. Regardless, she did speak as a fan of the show saying that she hopes it continues in the direction Rivers was bringing it.

"I really hope they continue in the spirit of Joan's work," she told Access. "She brought a fearlessness and a brand of humor into our homes that we really need."

It’s a little surprising to hear Griffin say that she was approached for the job since she very recently denied any and all rumors that she was up for the role.

According to Daily Mail, rumors began to circulate that Griffin would be taking over for Rivers while the late comedian was still in a coma. She refuted those rumors in an interview with Larry King.

“It’s disgusting. It’s not true,” she said. “And I know that stuff shouldn’t bother me at this stage of my career – you know, I thought I’d heard it all – but that one hurts, because it’s as far from the truth as you can get.”

In any case, if Griffin were to take up the “Fashion Police” mantel, she’d be doing it with Melissa Rivers’ blessing. In that same Daily Mail article, the outlet cites a source close to E! that claims Melissa Rivers gave Griffin her blessing.

“Kathy has been told if she wants the gig she can have it because Melissa wanted someone who her mother would have approved of,” the source said. “Kathy will probably take the position but they are still working out the deal.”

As TV Guide notes, E! is taking its time with the casting since it’s clearly a delicate matter. There’s no real rush as the show is not scheduled to return until January.