The finals of “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” have finally arrived, and the truly exceptional cast of talented, pint-sized dancers has been narrowed down to four pairs. Since only one can win the Mirrorball Trophy however, there’s a case that can be made that Miles Brown will be the one to snag that victory.

Every last one of the four finalists has managed to impress the judges on the ABC show and earned top marks throughout the competition. However, despite the fierce battle to win that is sure to unfold, Miles and his partner, Rylee Arnold, as well as their mentor, Rylee’s sister, Lindsay, seem poised to win it all.


They Are The Strongest And Most Consistent Team

Throughout the competition, Miles and Rylee have been the most consistent when it comes to earning high scores from the judges. They’ve held the top score four weeks total, and have never scored lower than 22 points, which they earned on Week One. As the strongest competitors overall, they seem like the ones to beat during the final round.

They Have The Highest Average Scores

DWTS JR Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold have the highest average scores on “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors.”

Because of their performances, Miles and Rylee also have the highest average score for the entire competition. Though they are only 0.2 points ahead of Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen, they’re a full point ahead of their lowest scored competitor, Sky Brown. That’s a potential gap that could give them an edge in the end.

Lindsay Is A Champion

The pro mentors have been helping the pairs choreograph their routines all season, which could explain some of the inventiveness for Miles and Rylee. With the freestyles coming up in the final round, having Lindsay as their mentor could be a huge advantage. She’s the only mentor who has a Mirrorball under her belt from the original show, so she knows what it takes to win. It’s unlikely she wouldn’t do anything she could to help her team get there.

Miles May Have A Following

DWTS JR Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold have the highest average scores on “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors.”

Of the celebrities on the show this season, Miles has been one of the best-known. Only a few of the kids likely had larger followings going in, and since he is one of the stars of “Black-ish,” his following may be larger than the one his fellow competitors have. While the audience at home isn’t voting, if enough of his fans were in the studio for the finals, then he may easily win the votes that score the victory.


We Don’t Know How Popular They Are With The Audience

Because the show is pre-taped, and the studio audience is the only ones who vote, outside of the judges’ score, it’s impossible to know where the teams fall in terms of the popular vote. We really can’t say if Miles and Lindsay are impressing the audience enough to earn the necessary votes for a win.

“Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.