Omarosa Manigault is in danger of being evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Celebrity Big Brother.” Read at your own risk!

Only a week has passed on the CBS competition series, but Omarosa already placed a huge target on her back when she tried to force Shannon Elizabeth to use the Power of Veto (POV) on Chuck Liddell, and replace him with Mark McGrath. However, Ross Matthews convinced Shannon to not use the POV for the sake of her individual game.

Shannon and Ross’ conversation led to the two realizing that Omarosa and Keshia Knight Pulliam could be in a side alliance together, and they are. On eviction night, Shannon did not use the POV on Chuck, and he was sent home. Omarosa and Keshia were not happy with Shannon’s decision.

On Sunday, the houseguests participated in the Bowlerina game, and Ross was crowned as this week’s Head of Household (HOH). He immediately set his sights on targeting Omarosa and Keshia for eviction, but the two vowed to not back down until the end.

There will be another POV game this week, and if Omarosa or Keshia win the POV, they can take themselves off the block, and they can come after Ross next week. Ross already came up with a backdoor plan, and the self-confessed “Big Brother” super fan is ready to take Shannon out.

Ross told Marissa Jaret Winokur that she wants the “American Pie” actress out since Shannon is a competition beast. The problem with this plan is that Marissa and Shannon have been friends for years, and they vowed to stay loyal to each other until the end.

It is possible that Marissa would bust Ross’ plans and tell Shannon about them. In return, Shannon could give this week’s POV competition her all and win. And if this happens, Omarosa will most certainly be sent packing.

A new episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” will air on CBS on Monday at 8 p.m. EST.

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