Prince Andrew is still being linked to his good friend Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse case from years ago.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans are wondering if the dad of two will be banished by Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II from the royal family if they found out that he is involved in the controversial case.

Burney Marsh, a professor of writing and linguistics, said that it is possible for the Duke of York to be exiled to another country. However, if Prince Andrew was really involved in the case, he might have been convicted by now.

Natasja Rose, a disability support worker, said that it is unlikely for Prince Andrew to be disowned by the royal family. This is because disowning him could only cause an even bigger scandal to the British clan.

But if he is found guilty of committing sexual abuse, it is highly likely for the Queen to reprimand her favorite son. Prince Andrew might also be prevented from attending public engagements with the royal family.

However, Derek Mullings, a researcher, and associate creative director said that it is impossible for Prince Andrew to be convicted in Epstein’s case because the sex claims against him were already dismissed four years ago. Additionally, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband is also above the law so there’s not much that can be done to him.

District Judge Kenneth Marra struck out the lurid allegations against Prince Andrew because they were unnecessary to Epstein’s case.

“The factual details regarding with whom and where the Jane Does engaged in sexual activities are immaterial and impertinent to this central claim,” the judge said.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew recently made headlines after it was revealed that the Queen didn’t think that her son could ever do anything wrong. Journalist Sue Arnold said that the Duke of York has always been mummy’s boy.

Prince Andrew also happened to be the result of the Queen and Prince Philip’s reconciliation.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew
Pictured: Princes Charles, Andrew, Her Majesty following the Queen's Birthday parade, 'Trooping the Colour,' in central London on June 15, 2013. Getty Images/Carl Court/AFP