Another member of the royal family will be getting married before 2018 is over, but Queen Elizabeth II may not be cutting the checks for both of the affairs.

While Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family are footing much, if not all of the bill for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19 nuptials, some of the responsibility will not fall to her when it comes to Princess Eugenie’s fall nuptials to Jack Brooksbank, which were announced on Monday.

According to Business Insider, Prince Andrew’s daughter with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will be marrying at the same venue as her cousin, but there is no indication that the queen herself will be paying for the nuptials, though Andrew and Ferguson are expected to be splitting the bill with Brooksbank’s family.

Tradition has usually seen the royal family covering the bill for the wedding of one of their own. For Harry and Markle, it was previously announced that their church service, music, flowers and reception would be covered by his family. It was unclear if her family would be contributing to the rest of the cost.

In addition, when Prince William wed Kate Middleton in 2011, the queen covered a large portion of the bill alongside William’s father, Prince Charles. However, Middleton’s own parents, Tom and Carole Middleton, also contributed to the bill.

While it has never been explicitly confirmed, it was believed that the Middleton family covered the cost of hotel rooms for family members at the Goring Hotel for the wedding, as well as her dresses.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding will likely see the cost covered by both her family, as well as her fiancé’s, which means there is a chance Queen Elizabeth II may still be contributing.

However, one thing that will be paid for by British citizens will be the cost of security for both events. For the 2011 wedding, the security was estimated to have cost the taxpayers $32 million, and while there is sure to be some sort of similar cost applied when it comes to Harry’s wedding to Markle, it seems less likely that such an extravagant sum would be applied to Eugenie’s wedding, as she and her fiancé are further down in the royal hierarchy and don’t have as much notoriety as either William and Kate or Harry and Meghan. The cost for the security would likely be determined later, after the couple themselves decides on whether they will have a grander affair, or if they will keep things smaller and more intimate.

Princess Eugenie Queen Elizabeth II may cover a portion of Princess Eugenie’s wedding, but not the whole amount. Princess Eugenie is photographed with Jack Brooksbank at the Chelsea Flower Show press day at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on May 23, 2016 in London. Photo: Heathcliff O’Malley-WP Pool/Getty Images