Will Smith is a comedic actor, which is probably why he could recognize a good joke when he sees one. Just because he acknowledges it though doesn't mean he will put up with it, especially when said joke involves his family, or in this case, more specifically, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

On Wednesday, the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star shared a clip to his Instagram where he explored what jumping rope looks like from the rope's point of view. Celebrities and fans alike marveled at the video, which has been viewed over 8.6M times, and even joked that it made them dizzy. But, of course, there was one user who decided to leave a witty joke on the post instead.

"Ok don't get entangled," the person wrote with a laughing-crying emoji.

"Hahaha... Okay... I can admit it. That's Funny!" Smith replied. "I'm definitely gonna block you. But the joke was Very Funny!"


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To break it down, the joke stems from the use of the word "entangled," which is how Jada referred to her past relationship with August Alsina during a recent episode of "Red Table Talk." She explained that a few years ago when she and Will were separated, she got into an "entanglement" with the singer.

The word has since sparked dozens of jokes and memes on social media, as well as influenced Alsina's latest song "Entanglements," which features Rick Ross.

This isn't the first time Will has issued a snarky response to someone who brought up the topic of Jada's alleged affair. 50 Cent received some harsh words from the "Bad Boys" actor in a private message earlier this month, which the rapper then shared a screenshot of with his Instagram followers.

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Will Smith at Ciampino Airport on Nov. 17, 2006, in Italy. Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images