No matter what he does, Will Smith's sexuality is still being questioned.

The rumors first began to fly when Star Magazine accused the Men in Black star of breaking up with his wife Jada Smith after a relationship with male actor Duan Martin allegedly came between them. Will and Jada's relationship is rocky at best; the couple broke up and reunited several times while Jada continued to write love songs dedicated to her husband.

Now MediaTakeOut (click the link for more photos) is reporting that Will Smith was seen and photographed in what may turn out to be a compromising position:

This could be NOTHING . . . but. Will Smith and some dude who looks a lot like one of Will's BFFs . . . R&B singer Trey Songz. Well the pair kicked it together in Miami this weeked. Oh, and the paparazzi snapped some pics of the two . . . in the same room . . . and Will was HALF NEKKID!! Ummmmm . . . what the FREAK is THAT all about?????

It sounds like MTO is suggesting that movie star Will Smith and popular musician Trey Songz may be more than just close friends. The website's commenters, who usually eat up MediaTakeOut's special brand of speculative, over-the-top gossip, quickly rejected this one, arguing that it had gone too far this time and that the photographs in question show Will Smith with another man who is definitely not Trey Songz.

What do you think? Is that Trey Songz in the photo(s)? Is Will Smith in the closet? And does it really matter? Let us know in the comments.