Following the Supreme Court’s dismissal of a Texas lawsuit against the battleground states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, fears were sparked over a real Civil war breaking out in the United States after the Texas GOP chairman released a statement calling for states to secede.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that the lawsuit, which charged the four states, all of which were called for Joe Biden and helped hand him an Electoral College victory over Donald Trump of using the COVID-19 Pandemic to unlawfully change voting procedures, Allen West released a statement where he seemed to suggest that Texas and other states that had voted for Trump could secede from the United States over the situation.

“The Supreme Court, in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and 106 US congressman, has decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violate its own election law,” the statement reads. “Resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law, while the guilty state suffers no consequences. This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the US constitution and not be held accountable. The decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic.”

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution,” the statement added.

The threat of secession quickly took Twitter by storm, with various reactions both condemning and applauding the move.

Some used the threat to warn Texans of what they could be facing if they tried to leave the U.S.

Others cried out how the idea was a terrible one, noting that it was an insult to the history of the United States.

There were also some who didn’t feel bothered by the idea, noting that it’s been floated in the past by states and that the deep divides in political and sociological ideals in the country made it impossible to govern it as one country any longer.

However, some did support the move, stating it should happen so that Texans would be allowed to have a President they wanted, who they felt was not falsely elected.

Texas previously seceded from the United States prior to the Civil War, and this isn’t the first time the idea of the state leaving the U.S. has been floated, though it has been noted before that legally, the state cannot pull off a “Texit.”

“The legality of seceding is problematic,” Eric McDaniel, associate professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin told The Texas Tribune in 2016. “The Civil War played a very big role in establishing the power of the federal government and cementing that the federal government has the final say in these issues.”

The idea of California splitting up or leaving the U.S. has also been floated in the past as well.

Of course, while the threat of secession over the election is a serious matter, others still felt that despite the blows to Donald Trump and his supporters when it has come to their cases claiming election fraud, that they did have other courses of action—like televised small claims court.

The President hasn’t spoken out about the secession threats but has taken to his Twitter account to continue his claims of voter fraud.

The Texas flag. Reuters