Amazing Race
A U-Turn vote could see the end of “The Amazing Race” for Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater. CBS

A new “Amazing Race” first is set to take place on the newest Season 31 episode, and it could lead to the most dramatic leg yet for the remaining competitors.

Leg 8, which continues to take place in Switzerland, will see the teams engage in the CBS show’s first-ever U-Turn Vote, which is a nod to not only the U-Turns that former Racers are used to but also the voting tradition that “Big Brother” houseguests and “Survivor” Castaway are familiar with. In a sneak peek clip for the episode, as teams learn about the twist, they are notably surprised by it—and worried by the fact that they need to speak out loud and in front of one another as they reveal who they want to U-Turn.

“Is this out loud?” Becca Droz asks.

“This is out loud,” Phil confirms.

Naturally, the vote is going to be difficult for some of the teams since it forces them to U-Turn another pair, which they may not want to do, and there is no way to hide who they vote for, meaning that if the U-Turned team survives, they can make new enemies.

As for which team is U-Turned, the most likely targets who could receive the most votes may be Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater. Not only are Becca and Floyd potentially likely to U-Turn them because of their doing it to them in Laos, but they also tried to throw the other pair under the bus in the last leg by telling Nicole and Victor that they were going to U-Turn them. However, the entire plot fell through—and their fellow “Big Brother” alums also feel as if they are enemies.

Meanwhile, whether they are U-Turned or not, it may not be a good leg for the sisters. A second clip shows them agonizing after they appear to lose their clue, which could be a critical game-ending error, while the Afghanimals, Leo and Jamal, also struggle by getting lost.

“The Amazing Race” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.