A 26-year-old Florida woman, who was arrested for possession of cocaine last month, told officers that the wind was responsible for getting the drug inside her purse, ABC 10 reported. Kennecia Posey was taken into custody after Fort Pierce police stopped her vehicle on March 21.

When officers approached the vehicle, they detected the smell of marijuana coming from inside the car. Authorities later found cocaine and marijuana inside Posey's purse. The woman admitted the marijuana was hers but denied having any cocaine.

“I don’t know anything about any cocaine. It’s a windy day, it must have flown through the window and into my purse,” Posey said, according to police.

Recently, a Florida man was arrested when heroin fell out of his pocket during a questioning by police about a grand theft investigation. William Dwayne Washington, 44, was being questioned by Marion County Police when an officer asked him to empty his pockets. A small packet with a brown substance fell out of his packet and Washington quickly tried to conceal it. Washington told police it was his "daily vitamins," but was later found to be heroin.

In another bizarre incident related to cocaine, a 32-year-old Brazilian man was arrested at the Lisbon Airport in Portugal recently after he was caught carrying the drug in faux buttocks stitched into a pair of blue swim shorts. The suspect was being investigated by the National Anti-Narcotics Trafficking Unit and face charges of drug trafficking. Police also discovered about $490,000 in cash along with the narcotics.