• Alec, 24, kidnapped his girlfriend
  • Feliza, 49, his mother, was aware of the situation
  • Victim escapes the two
  • Alec has additional charges of assault and domestic violence
  • Alec has a history and is a repeat offender on two cases of similar charges
  • Both were released on bail

A Windham mother and son were accused of keeping the son's girlfriend against her will and are now facing kidnapping charges.

Alec Blazek, 24, and his mother Felisa Blazek, were suspect to holding Alec's girlfriend captive in their home for several days last month, threatened her and prevented her from leaving.

Aside from kidnapping, Alec was also charged with domestic violence and assault charges, said the police.

"Based on our investigation, we determined there were several different assaults that took place," Capt Mike Caron said. "Also, one rose to the level of felony, where (the victim) alleges she was strangled by the defendant."

In a WMUR 9 report, police believed that Feliza was an accomplice to the crime as she was fully aware of the kidnapping that occurred for three to five days and was present with her son when the victim jumped out of a vehicle and escaped.

The victim was picked up by another driver and was taken to the Salem Police Department.

The Blazeks surrendered on Wednesday and were released on personal recognizance bail but Caron said that he believes Alec should have remained in jail due to his history of similar charges involving two women and because of the weight of the current charges pressed against him.

In 2015, he pleaded guilty in the Superior Court to second-degree assault, domestic violence and resisting arrest and, just last year, he pleaded guilty in circuit court to disorderly conduct and domestic violence for hitting his then girlfriend in the face; his sentences for both cases were suspended.

According to Caron the victim is recovering.

Meanwhile, the Blazeks will appear in court on March 12.

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