windows 10 cortana
A pre-release version of Windows 10, due for release July 29. Microsoft is hoping developers will write "universal apps" for the OS. Microsoft

Microsoft has completed work on Windows 10, and the new OS is ready to go, according to reports from The Verge and Neowin. The final release to manufacturing (RTM) build, number 10240, is the version customers will receive on launch day on July 29.

After today, Redmond's developers will be moving towards working on updates. Microsoft's plan is for Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows ever. That means the company will release regular updates, Android style, instead of giant releases once every few years.

The news comes on the same day Office for Windows 10 removes the beta tags, meaning Microsoft's vision for a single Windows everywhere is starting to take shape. The new office suite is an example of a "universal app," one that will run anywhere that Windows 10 is running, be it tablet, desktop, phone or laptop.

Insider Preview users will receive the final build soon, after which they will receive beta versions of the updates Microsoft is now focused on. While it seemed before that Insider customers would get to keep the final build for free, those looking to opt out of future beta releases will have to get a genuine copy through Microsoft.

The news closes the book on Windows 8, a chapter of Microsoft's history the company is likely to want to forget. Time will tell whether Windows 10 becomes the runaway success the company hopes it will be, with the work towards the target of one billion installations starting soon.