OX X Mountain Lion and Windows 8
OX X Mountain Lion and Windows 8 Apple | Microsoft

Microsoft VS Apple, the old wars are back again. But, now the battle is for best multi-platform OS. Both the big OS giants are narrowing the gap between their desktop and mobile OSes with the launch of Windows 8 and Mountain Lion. But, which of these two can be called the first true multi-platform OS? Let's find out.

Starting with Mountain Lion, bloggers say that the new Mac OS X has been inspired from iPad. Apple has ported much of the iOS features to OS X Mountain Lion, such as iMessages, iCloud, reminders, notifications and deep Twitter integration. A conversation can be started on Mac and carried further on an iOS device if the devices use the same Apple ID. The new OS X is a lot like iOS.

But Microsoft, on the other hand is also on the same road with its Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 Metro UI has been specially designed for touch-optimized devices. Developers have been successful in running Windows phone apps on Windows 8. Microsoft has also added Marketplace to Windows 8. It is just like Apple's Mac App Store.

Both Microsoft and Apple are bringing its mobile features to desktop OS. But Microsoft is the only one that is bringing desktop features to mobile OS. OS X is still an operating system for desktops only. While Windows 8 tablet has become one of the hottest tech topics on the Internet and people are debating whether Windows 8 tablets will end iPad's reign. Windows 8 will run on desktop, laptop and even on a tablet. What's more is that Windows 8 is not just stopping at tablets. According to the latest rumors surfacing online, Nokia Lumia 900 may get Windows 8 update. It means Windows 8 may come to smartphones too. Microsoft is also reportedly working on a Windows 8 tablet version of MS-Office.

What about Apple? Apple's policy is a little different than Microsoft. Mac style Docks on iPad can be a great thing, but there is little possibility that Mac features will be ported to Apple's mobile devices. Apple is sticking to iOS for its phones/tablets and Mac OS X for its desktops.

A uniform OS on tablets, laptops and desktops can surprisingly bump-up app development and open a whole new world of possibilities. Mac OS X is a strong competitor, but Microsoft is a few miles ahead of Apple as Windows 8 and Metro UI show true multi-platform OS capabilities.

Not surprisingly, tablet manufacturers like Asus, HP and Lenovo are already lining up for releasing Windows 8 tablets. Reports are also high that the first Windows 8 tablet manufacturer could be Nokia.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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