With new TV shows being developed that are based in the fictitious world of Westeros, there has been some concern that George RR Martin will have even less time to complete “Winds of Winter.” The author has decided to clear the confusion by telling everyone that his highest priority is to complete the next book in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

HBO recently announced that it has ordered the first “Game of Thrones” spin-off, which is about the history of the Targaryen family based on the book “Fire and Blood.” Martin took to his blog to tell his fans that he will not be writing any of the scripts for the new series.

Ryan Condal has already written a lot of content, but a formal writer’s room will be assembled in the coming weeks to help break down the story and write the episodes. Martin admitted that he will be involved in some capacity to oversee the production of the show, including writing the scripts of some of the episodes. However, the author made it “perfectly clear” that he will not be taking on the job of writing any scripts until he has finished “Winds of Winter.”

Apart from the different TV shows and other books that Martin is writing, the author has many other activities that take time away from writing. However, he promised his fans that “A Song of Ice and Fire” remains his top priority.

The next book in the series has been delayed for a long time and after that is released there is one more book left that is titled “A Dream of Spring.” To keep the fans engaged, Martin has been sharing sample chapters from the next book, the latest of which is about Arianne.

Martin hasn’t announced when he will release “Winds of Winter.” However, he has repeatedly said that he is close to completing. After the series is complete, the author will be releasing a few chapters that he has written but not used in the books.

George R.R. Martin Winds of Winter
George R.R. Martin’s sixth book in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, “The Winds of Winter,” still doesn’t have an official release date yet. He is pictured on Feb. 23, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Steve Snowden/Getty Images for AMC Networks