• George RR Martin is writing "Winds of Winter" every day
  • Most of the conventions have been postponed or canceled
  • Martin intends to finish the book this year

The coronavirus quarantine has been a challenging time for many people, but it is giving George RR Martin the time he needs to complete “Winds of Winter” without any distractions. The author recently told his fans online that he has been working on the book every day.

Martin has the tradition of joking around with the fans every year with an April Fools’ Day prank. This year, however, he was in a more sombre mood because of the coronavirus pandemic. He took to his blog to tell his fans not to take the dangers of COVID-19 lightly, stay at home, watch the news, and take this challenge one day at a time.

As far as Martin is concerned, he has to stay home because most of the conventions and festivals have either been canceled or postponed. Some people are adapting to the situation and coming up with innovative solutions. The worldcon in New Zealand, for example, will be a virtual event for the first time in history.

All of this has given Martin more time to finish “Winds of Winter.” He said that he is continuing to write every day in his “mountain fastness.”

What is story looking like so far? In a previous blog post, Martin said that “things are pretty grim in the Seven Kingdoms.” The author did not elaborate if this was because of the upcoming wars, shortage of food for winter, deaths of some of the main characters, or because of the invasion of the White Walkers.

With Martin working on “Winds of Winter” every day, it looks likely that he will be able to meet his deadline of finishing it this year. The author has promised to announce the completion of the book on his blog. Meanwhile, he has asked the fans to read some new material from one of the “Wildcards” contributors to avoid boredom.

George R.R. Martin Winds of Winter
George R.R. Martin’s sixth book in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, “The Winds of Winter,” still doesn’t have an official release date yet. He is pictured on Feb. 23, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Steve Snowden/Getty Images for AMC Networks