George R.R. Martin
George R.R. Martin, photographed at SundanceTV’s screening of “Hap & Leonard” on Feb. 23, 2016, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, may have finally settled on a release date for “Winds of Winter.” Getty Images

Winter is coming — “Winds of Winter,” that is. The latest installment in George R.R. Martin’s book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” may have finally gotten a release date after months and months of uncertainty.

A mysterious listing appeared on Amazon France suggesting that “Winds of Winter” will be listed on the site for purchase on March 9, 2017. The listing is live, though shoppers do not have the option to preview the novel or pre-order it. It quickly drew the attention of multiple publications, including Entertainment Weekly. Amazon has not removed it nor has Martin responded to the buzz. Should the book release in March it would align nearly perfectly with the release of Season 7 of “Game of Thrones.”

Martin’s publisher in the United Kingdom — HarperCollins — claims, however, that “nothing has been finalized regarding publication or the date.” Penguin Random House, with whom Martin works in the United States, did not return EW’s request for comment. The publication also notes that it would not be the first time Amazon has misled fans with placeholder dates for Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books.

If the book does release in March 2017, it would precede the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 7. HBO is rumored to be bringing the show back in summer 2017, which would allow fans several months to finish the book before diving into the show. Season 7 will be significantly shorter than previous ones with just seven episodes, meaning true thronies could use the book as an opportunity to spend just a little longer in the Seven Kingdoms while awaiting the eighth and final season.

Martin has been open with fans about his struggle to finish the project, which has only led to more anticipation. In June he called the book his version of the “Son of Kong,” suggesting that it is inescapable. Fans have been awaiting “Winds of Winter” since July 27, 2011, when “A Dance with Dragons” was released. Fans once believed that the book was close to completion after he revealed that he was on a bit of a streak. He revealed in an interview with EW that the words were coming easily, adding that he “was so into it.”

“I was pushing so hard that I was writing very well. I should have just gone on from there, because I was so into it and it was moving so fast then,” he said.

Fans should keep a close eye on Martin’s blog for updates on “Winds of Winter.”