When nobody won the Mega Millions jackpot last Friday, it presented a rare opportunity for someone to win $437 million on the first day of 2019. The New Year’s Day lottery drawing came and went, and for just the second time in Mega Millions history, someone won the grand prize on Jan. 1.

An unnamed winner in New York took home the jackpot from Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing. It was the eighth largest Mega Millions jackpot ever, according to the lottery. The winning numbers were 34, 44, 57, 62 and 70, with a gold ball numbered 14.

Seven other people drew winning numbers for smaller, but still substantial prizes. Three people in New York, as well as one person each in Texas, Ohio and South Carolina, all won $1 million apiece. Someone in Pennsylvania won $4 million.

The winner of the New Year’s Day lottery was not named by Mega Millions. It was only the sixth time that the Mega Millions drawing has taken place on the first day of a new year, and only the second time someone managed to win the jackpot in that situation. In 2008, John Jones of Fort Worth, Texas took home a $33 million Mega Millions jackpot to start the new year.