A massive winter storm is doing more than just delaying travelers. More than 428,000 households were without power Thanksgiving morning, NBC News reported. To help repair damage caused by heavy snowfall, authorities in West Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts are scrambling to do what they can.  

More than 4,000 flights were delayed and 700 canceled Wednesday due to severe weather. More than 46.3 million Americans are expected to be traveling for the holiday, the highest number since 2007, according to AAA.




By Thursday morning, more than 110,000 households in Maine were without power after the storm dropped more than 15 inches of snow in some places, according to the Weather Network. Authorities said they were calling in assistance from Canada.







Parts of New Hampshire reported 16.5 inches of snow, which caused 195,000 power outages by 10 a.m.










West Virginia experienced the largest amounts of snowfall. According to the National Weather Service, more than 20 inches fell in some places.