Rep. Duncan Hunter of California will enter a guilty plea in a San Diego federal court for misusing campaign funds Tuesday (Dec. 3) morning. The Republican Congressman told a reporter for KUSI News that he plans to cop to one of 60 criminal charges against him. The decision comes after weeks of Hunter characterizing the charges as a “politically motivated witch hunt,” a new favorite phrase of his party, including its leader and the current President of the United States.

According to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune, a paper Hunter recently dismissed as “fake news” and “out to get him,” he says he wants to spare his family the spectacle of a trial, which was to start Jan. 22.

Will Hunter See Jail Time?

Hunter, who succeeded his father in the House of Representatives in 2009, said in a statement: “The plea I accepted is misuse of my own campaign funds, of which I pled guilty to only one count. I think it’s important that people know that I did make mistakes. I did not properly monitor or account for my campaign money. I justify my plea with the understanding that I am responsible for my own campaign and my own campaign money.” He also said he expects to spend time in jail. “Whatever my time in custody will be, I will take that hit. My only hope is that the judge does not sentence my wife to jail. I think my kids need a mom in the home.”

Hunter’s wife, Margaret, who was also indicted, pleaded guilty to one count of fund misuse in June, and agreed to testify against her husband. She faces up to five years in prison.

Rabbits Don’t Fly Coach

According to the indictment, Hunter and his wife stand accused of using campaign funds for a variety of improper purposes, including everything from routine family expenses to exotic vacations, private-school tuition and videogames. In her plea, Margaret Hunter confessed to using $500 in campaign money to fly Eggburt, the family rabbit, across the country. Hunter initially blamed his wife and his son for the “mix-up,” and remained adamant that he’d done nothing wrong all the way up until yesterday.

When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted… Or At Least Claims He Is

Since Hunter’s legal troubles started, he has held firm to the assertion that he is the victim of a politically motivated, “deep-state” conspiracy. Since his indictments, he has been stripped of all committee assignments. In addition to potentially becoming a “guest of the state,” he faces an increasingly competitive 2020 re-election bid.