witches of east end canceled
"Witches of East End" executive producer Maggie Friendman explained prior to the cancellation what she had in store for Rachel Boston, Julia Ormond, Mädchen Amick and Jenna Dewan Tatum in Season 3 of the Lifetime series. Lifetime

The magic has officially run dry for Lifetime’s “Witches of East End.” After two seasons of mystical storytelling, the fan-favorite supernatural series has been terminated, according to reports.

The cast and crew of enchanting drama took to Twitter and other social media outlets to share their reactions on the surprising cancellation of the witchy series. “The news is true,” executive producer Richard Hatem confirmed the disheartening announcement through a tweet. “We found out earlier today. We are heartbroken, and don’t quite understand it....”

Hatem wasn’t the only EP puzzled by the show’s cancellation. Prior to the Season 2 finale, Maggie Friedman revealed her optimism regarding a Season 3 renewal when she sat down with International Business Times to discuss the future of the show.

“They have to give us a Season 3, because we do -- we have some really big cliffhangers. The last six episodes are definitely some of our best. The plot turns in ways no one will see coming. There’s so much cool stuff,” she previously told IBT. “There’s so much stuff that happens, so much stuff that were hopefully setting up for season 3. Some really cool stories and really cool cliffhangers.”

And she wasn’t kidding! When “WOEE” concluded, viewers were left pondering Ingrid's (Rachel Boston) mysterious pregnancy, Frederick's (Christian Cooke) shocking death, Dash's (Eric Winter) malicious plot, Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) facing imprisonment in Dash's body (thanks to a soul-swapping spell) and a fiery demise for Wendy (Mädchen Amick).

Wendy’s hell-bound situation was going to play a pivotal role in Season 3, according to Friedman, considering her arrival to the underworld opened up the story line for a new, fearsome character: The Gatherer. “We’re going to learn a little more about what those titles mean and who the Gatherer is as the season goes on. And if we’re so lucky to have a Season 3 that’s going to be a big part of it,” she said.

“We sort of met her in episode 2 of this year when Ingrid found the book that said Ingrid is the key, Freya is the traveler, Wendy is the bridge, and Joanna is the dagger,” Friedman explained. "There’s also the gatherer, and that's the third sister of Joanna and Wendy, who lives in hell -- the underworld -- and she gathers souls. I think she’s a very intriguing character. To know that Joanna and Wendy have another sister is pretty cool."

That wasn’t the only story line Friedman had up her witchy sleeve. According to the show’s EP, there was a lot more she wanted to explore in Season 3.

“Listen, we don’t know if we have a Season 3 yet -- obviously -- but we very much hope we do, because there’s a lot more story to tell," she told IBT. "And there are some really cool places we’re going to go, some unexpected places that we begin to show at the end of the episode. I’m really excited about it. I really hope we get a Season 3, because I’m already coming up with so many ideas. There’s so much I’m excited about.”

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