witches of east end cancelled
"Witches of East End," the Lifetime series that followed the story of the Beauchamp witches (Rachel Boston, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Julia Ormond), has been cancelled after two seasons. Lifetime

If there was ever a time for the Beauchamp women to break out a resurrection spell, it would be now. According to reports, the hit Lifetime series “Witches of East End” has officially been cancelled. And it looks like there’s no amount of magic that could possibly bring the mystical series back from the grave.

The drama, based on Melissa de la Cruz’s same name series, followed the exciting story line of the Beauchamp women -- Julia Ormond, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Rachel Boston and Madchen Amick -- who also happened to be a coven of witches. Throughout the show's two seasons fans grew to admire and love the spellbinding family who stood by one another despite the curses, enemies and sexy blue creatures who attempted to tear them apart.

What makes the cancellation of “WOEE” so painful for fans is partially due to the massive cliffhangers viewers were left with during the Season 2 finale. The final episode set fans up for a wild Season 3 with Ingrid’s mysterious pregnancy (who is the father?), Dash (Eric Winter) and Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) swapping bodies (leaving the youngest Gardiner brother to face jail time for his brother’s murderous spree) and Wendy sacrificing herself (resulting in the introduction of a new and exciting character: The Gatherer).

Creator of the series, Maggie Friedman, explained to IBT during an interview prior to the finale that The Gatherer is the third sister of Joanna and Wendy who happened to live in hell – the underworld.

“She gathers souls. And we will learn more and more about her in the finale. But I think she’s a very intriguing character. To know that Joanna and Wendy have another sister is pretty cool,” she explained of the “fearsome” creature who will now unfortunately remain a mystery to fans.

So why has the beloved series been given the axe -- especially when Season 3 had so much potential? Well, according to reports, it may have had something to do with the decline in viewership. Entertainment Weekly revealed that while the first season of “WOEE” averaged 1.67 million viewers then second season dropped to only 1.13 million.

Cruz confirmed our suspicions on why “WOEE” wasn’t renewed for a third season when she addressed Lifetime on Twitter, following the news of the show’s cancellation.

“Thank you to @lifetimetv for taking the chance on the show, bummer the numbers weren’t there for us. #TwasAFunRideWhileItLasted,” she wrote.

The author wasn’t the only one to react to the show’s termination on Twitter. Check out the grateful, heartbroken and even confused responses from the cast and crew of “Witches of East End” below:

But dry your tears, our magic-loving friends. According to Cruz, she has a treat for all you witches and warlocks out there that could help "ease the pain" you feel over "Witches of East End" getting cancelled.