“Witches of East End” EP, Maggie Friedman, wasn’t kidding around when she said the Season 2 finale of the hit Lifetime series was going to be insane. “S--- goes crazy,” she said to the International Business Times, prior to the airing of episode 12, “Box to the Future” and episode 13 “For Whom the Spell Tolls.”

The supernatural thriller concluded it’s action-packed sophomore series with a special two-hour finale. And during those 120-minutes, we sat at the very edge off our seats; starting with very moment Killian (Daniel DiTomasso) downed a bottle of poison elixir.

What Happened In The Season 2 Finale?

“Box to the Future” kicked off with Killian swallowing poison to end his star-crossed fate with Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum). But his dream for a brighter future with his soul mate turned dark when Killian ran into his allegedly dead girlfriend.

“The spell worked! You’re dead. So am I. Finally we can be together,” he said. But Freya revealed she’s actually alive. That's when she ran to get her lover red flowers with long stems. Freya then told Killian to call Ingrid (Rachel Boston) for help – so he does, once he wakes.

When Ingrid finally gets to him, Killian is near dead. But he found enough energy to ask about Freya. Ingrid pieces dream-Freya’s clues together to figure out that she should give the dying Gardiner brother drops from a lotus root, a folk remedy used to draw out toxins. But the flower is no match for the spell.

“Slow down? Not stop. So I’m still dying?” he asked.

But Ingrid has more difficulties to face other than the death of her sister's boyfriend. Frederick (Christian Cooke) has figured out that his sister isn’t totally game to return to Asgard.

“I think we might have a problem with Ingrid. It seems like she might having doubts about coming back to Asgard,” he said to the king (Steven Berkoff). “She’s been spending a lot of time with Bastian.” Who is Bastian? Well, if you did your “WOEE” homework you’d know that it’s the name given to Dash (Eric Winter) when he lived in Asgard. Grandpa Beauchamp decided that it was time to pay his friend from way back when a visit.

Episode 12 then cuts back to the 1840’s where Freya wakes, revealing her “awful dream” to Wendy (Madchen Amick). But Aunt Wendy has no time to interpret Freya’s odd dream considering she has bigger problems to worry about – like the fact she lost the only key that could get them out of the past and back to the present.

The two begin frantically looking for the key, which is when Wendy divulged that the present-Beauchamps could actually die if they don’t escape the past in a few hours.

While Wendy and Freya retraced their steps, Joanna (Julia Ormond) began her quest on retrieving the magical box (her only hope at destroying the king) all the while Tarkoff (James Marsters) stalked her. Tarkoff was sent into the past to stop Joanna from whatever is up her sleeve.

Back in the present, the king decided to pay Dash a visit, while wearing Tommy’s (Ignacio Serricchio) skin.

“You’re not Tommy,” Dash said after only a few moments talking with the odd creature. “You’re Ingrid’s grandfather. King Nikalous.”

The king forbid Dash from spending anymore time with Ingrid and promised a handsome award if he stayed out of their family problems. The king also revealed that Bastian had been a faithful follower in the past and he should remain so.

A few moments after Dash’s run-in with the king, Ingrid enters, which is when she learns that the king might be more cunning than she previously anticipated.

“First you’ll start to feel really sick,” Wendy began explaining to Freya what would happen in they don’t escape the past. According to Joanna’s sister, the time travelers will first have their organs liquefy and then they’ll bleed out of every orifice until they’re dead.

Just as Freya begins freaking out she runs into Edgard Allen Poe, a character that freakishly resembles her Killian. But she doesn’t exactly have time to gawk and marvel over the similarities seeing as though she’s about to cease to exist.

As the girls retrace their steps to find the key, Joanna relives the night she killed Freya all over again. Once she has the box in her clutches Tarkoff makes his creepy appearance.

“Your father sent me. With strict orders to kill you,” he said, stealing the box from her grasp. Looks like Wendy isn’t the only Beauchamp to lose something important. But Wendy’s good fortune makes its debut when she sees her former self-stuff the magical key into her bra. As Wendy and Freya plot how to get the key back, Joanna appeared to let them know what happened with Tarkoff. She jets off giving the girls little detail about what’s to come except that they should expect her to kill Tarkoff.

“You’re never going to win this. Not without me,” he said, suggesting that they kill the king together, then go back to Asgard. “We can be a team, Joanna. We can beat him. I’m offering you your only chance.”

“I’d rather die,” she responded before Tarkoff knocked her out thanks to a voo-doo doll.

According to Wendy, Poe died shortly after Freya, after drinking himself to death. That’s when Wendy remember just how her future character retrieved the key from her past self: by having Poe hit on her and snag it for them.

As it turns out, Killian isn’t the only Gardiner brother with drama. Dash is experiencing his fair share after his one-night-stand accused him of somehow being involved with the murder of an East End resident. But Dash manages to sway the conversation when he told Raven to strip on her way upstairs.

As drama ensues in East End, the king confronts Ingrid about her shifty behavior. He then tortures her for lying about wanting to return to Asgard. But as it turns out, the king is practically a saint. According to the made king he took it easy on Ingrid while beating her because of the baby. Yep, Ingrid’s pregnant! But with whose baby?

“Think of this baby as an opportunity. I have no interest in your death,” the king said.

“So, that’s why you’re here – to steal our powers,” Ingrid pieced together the puzzle.

The king explained that he has already taken Ingrid’s powers and continued to taunt her as Frederick snuck up behind him. But the king is stronger now that Ingrid’s power is coursing through his veins and turns the knife into his grandson.

“You’ve lost a lot of blood and I can’t heal you,” Ingrid said to her brother. But despite the loss of bodily fluid, Freddie still has enough energy to help end his grandfather once and for all. That will mean they need access to Archibald’s journals to find a spell strong enough to kill Nikolaus.

Althought Dash promised to Ingrid that he wouldn’t read the journals he did, which worked in favor for Freddie. Frederick was then able to read Dash’s thoughts to uncover a spell and eventually they did – one that involved all the witches uniting.

But karma wasn’t on Dash’s side in the “WOEE” finale. Raven has issued a search warrant on Dash’s home, which ultimately lead to his imprisonment. Although Dash had wiped his hard drive clean, Raven had figured out that her former lover had every reason to murder Kyle, the indentity of the man who washed up on shore.

And while we sort of felt bad for Dash, Joanna and the girls were in a whole lot more trouble as they ran ramped throughout the 1840’s. Joanna was captured by Tarkoff and held under his voo-doo doll spell. But just in case she managed to free herself, his hourly vaccines of drugs to keep her high would help him keep her as his sleepy queen.

After getting the key and racing back to the portal, Joanna wasn’t there.

“I’m officially worried about your mother,” Wendy said before transforming into a cat to find he sister. Wendy eventually finds Joanna right before Tarkoff is about to inject her with another dosage. First, she bludgeons him and then stabs him in the neck with his very own needle.

Freya started to bleed out but past Killian – or should we say Edgar – didn’t mind a little nosebleed. The two ended up hooking up before Freya made her way back to the portal. But the door is completely closed. Until, that is, Ingrid appears out of nowhere!

As a Hail Mary, Wendy asked another mystical creature to give a note to present day Ingrid when the time came. Frederick helped her create a portal and the three Beauchamp women were able to escape – without the box to kill the king. Yep, so basically they went back in time, bleed out and nearly died for no reason. But Ingrid, the brainy one of the group, said to never fret. She had figured out just how to get rid of the brutal king – and that’s by the four witches joining their powers together

Apparently the king knows they each have a unique power, which is why he wants to steal their magic. Just then, Wendy disappeared. She was the first victim that the king wanted to kill. After several verbally abusive insults and revealing why he had given her the curse of being unable to have children, Joanna appeared.

“You will never be as strong as when we stand together,” the Beauchamp matriarch said, arriving to the scene first. The four females then use their powers together to kill the “sadistic a-----“ who they called family. Once the king dropped to the floor, Wendy went over to the vessel’s body to see if Tommy was alive. He wasn’t.

“He’s dead. He’s really dead,” Wendy said. “And it’s my fault.”

After killing their grandfather the girls raced over to Killian’s home – but he was already dead.

“It must have been too late to stop the spell,” Ingrid said, explaining to her sister that he killed himself to be with her in a future life. After a few tears, Freya leans in for a kiss. That’s when a glowing light appeared, waking Killian up from his “permanent” slumber. Guess every potion has a loophole.

After a few moments of Frillian’s serious make out session, Ingrid revealed that Dash was in jail.

It was the finale few minutes that made the “WOEE” Season 2 finale jaw dropping. Joanna called her son to say that she loved him but as if turned out, Frederick won’t be doing much chatting. He was murdered in the final moments by a high heel-wearing killer who wrote the sentence “Death to witches” in blood next to Freddie’s dead body.

And he wasn’t the only Beauchamp to end up six feet under. As Wendy laid over Tommy’s body, she decided to trade her final life to bring him back.

“Thanks for making my last life count,” she said before dying.

Dash showed his true, dark colors in the Season 2 finale when Killian paid his brother in jail. Dash grabbed Killian by the collar, said a spell and ended up “Freaky Friday”-ing with his brother. Yep, the two traded bodies, leaving Killian’s soul behind bars while Dash’s roamed free with Freya. Cold, Dash. Real cold.

But it was hot for Wendy when she woke in the underworld surrounded by flames.

“Good to see you again, sister,” a mysterious character

“Elena?” Wendy asked before the Season 2 finale cut. Did we just meet the Gatherer?

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