Better start lighting some sage now, “Witches of East End” fans, because rumor has it the Season 2 finale of the hit Lifetime series is going to be pretty dark. Or at least that’s what EP Maggie Friedman told International Business Times in an exclusive interview.

Before episodes 12, “Box to the Future,” and 13, “For Whom the Spell Tolls,” air as a special two-hour finale on Sunday, Oct. 5, we caught up with Friedman to discuss what exactly she has up her supernatural sleeves for the final two episodes of the sophomore season. Spoiler alert: It’s going to be insane!

International Business Times: What can you tell us about the Season 2 finale of “Witches of East End”?

Maggie Friedman: Everything that’s been happening all season has been leading up to these two episodes. And you know, s--- goes crazy. Both episodes are amazing, fun, scary and crazy, but the last five minutes, I think, will blow everybody’s minds. There’s a huge twist that happens at the end. I think people are going to be pretty shocked by the end of the season.

IBTimes: You’ve had some pretty big shockers already! It was teased that another Beauchamp family member would meet their demise in the finale. We created a poll to see who viewers thought would get killed off in the finale and a large percentage of them said Frederick (Christian Cooke). Does that surprise you?

Friedman: No, that doesn’t surprise me. Certainly he’s been doing some bad, dangerous things all year. So, obviously he’s put himself in danger a few times. Plus, he’s new, so it doesn’t surprise me. But I’m saying nothing about who is going to die!

IBTimes: Since we’re on the subject of Frederick, will we find out whose side he’s really on by the end of the finale?

MF: Definitely, yes. Frederick’s true heart and true intentions are revealed in the finale.

IBT: Ingrid (Rachel Boston) has revealed she stayed behind to snoop on the King (Steven Berkoff). But it looks like her grandfather will eventually catch up to her plan. Is that thanks to Frederick?

Friedman: I can’t really say what happens, but I will say that what was really fun when Ingrid stayed behind -- I always read the tweets and see what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook and a lot of people were really angry with her character. They thought she was betraying the family, which I totally understand.  And then of course we revealed her intentions all along was to fool her grandfather, which I thought was really cool. I think Ingrid is a smart cookie.

She’s going to have some problems. Obviously her grandfather is a very powerful warlock and so as she’s trying to take him down, it’s not going to be easy. There’s going to be a lot of obstacles. But she’s also a very smart character, so it’s not going to be that easy for him to defeat her.

Witches of East End Season 2 finale spoilers Is the King (Steven Berkoff, left) really evil? Get the scoop on what Ingrid (Rachel Boston, center) and Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum, right) will need to do to defeat their grandfather in the Season 2 finale of "Witches of East End." Photo: Lifetime

IBTimes: The finale synopsis says we’re going to find out why the King wants his whole family together. According to reports, it’s going to be really insane. Is it safe to say Grandpa Beauchamp is truly evil?

Friedman: Well, I guess I can say that. Yes. He’s definitely evil. He wants something that we don’t want him to get. All of our women are going to have to work to defeat him because he’s extremely powerful.

IBTimes: I also heard Dash (Eric Winter) was going to play a part in taking down the King, as well.

Friedman: Yes. And that’s one of the interesting things about this season -- with Dash, he’s been fighting these two parts of himself: the good and the evil and light and the dark. And sometimes the scale tips in the dark direction. But Ingrid has helped bring him towards the light. So, she’ll call on him to help with the king and he will but there will be some obstacles and challenges along the way.

IBTimes: He can’t just worry about the King now that his one-night stand is getting closer to cracking the murder case.

Friedman: Exactly!

Witches of East End Season 2 finale spoilers Will Killian (Daniel DiTomasso, above) survive the Season 2 finale of "Witches of East End"? Photo: Lifetime

IBT: A lot of people are very upset with what you did to Killian (Daniel DiTomasso). They’re really angry – I’m really angry!

MF: Yes, the Romeo and Juliet! They’re the star-crossed lovers -- Killian and Freya (Jenna Dewa Tatum). He thinks she’s dead, and so he poisons himself. Yeah, that’s a pickle he’s got himself into, and the way that unfolds is pretty cool. I’m excited for people to see that.

And of course we still have Edgard Allen Poe who is played by Daniel who plays Killian. He is a big part of the finale as well. Daniel has done such an incredible job of inhabiting this other character who has the same soul as Killian but is a totally different character than Killian. I was really impressed with how Daniel had pulled off the Poe.

IBTimes: I’ll tell you this -- a lot of people were very surprised how into Poe they were.

Friedman: He’s a sexy Poe!

IBTimes: It was revealed that if Wendy (Mädchen Amick), Joanna (Julia Ormond) and Freya stay in the past too long, they’ll die a painful death. What kind of death are we looking at? Is it more painful than getting hanged by Tarkoff or impaled?

Friedman: It’s a bad one. Basically, Wendy explains to Freya that because their bodies don’t belong in that time period, they can only stay for a limited amount of time. The time door is only there for 12 hours, and once it disappears, their bodies will start to break down. Basically all their organs will liquefy and they’ll bleed out. It’s pretty bad. It’s not something they want to have happen. It’s slower and more painful than some of the other ways they’ve died.

IBTimes: You previously told me that fans would find out who the Gatherer is before Season 2 concluded. Then I saw a deleted scene of Freya, Ingrid and Joanna discussing that mysterious character. Why was that scene removed? It was so amazing!

Friedman: Thank you! It’s one of those things where an episode comes in a little long, you have to make choices and you try to fit in as much as you can, but thankfully the network loved the scene so much they thought fans would get a kick out of it. They said, “We have to put this out there for people to see because it’s so cool.”

The character they talked about, the sister who lives in the underworld, we sort of met her in episode 2 of this year when Ingrid found the book that said Ingrid is the key, Freya is the traveler, Wendy is the bridge, and Joanna is the dagger. There’s also the gatherer, and that's the third sister of Joanna and Wendy, who lives in hell – the underworld – and she gathers souls. And we will learn more and more about her in the finale. But I think she’s a very intriguing character. To know that Joanna and Wendy have another sister is pretty cool.

IBTimes: Is Joanna fearful of her?

Friedman: Well, she does gather souls in hell, so that will tell you a little something about her. She’s definitely a fearsome creature.

Witches of East End Season 2 finale spoilers (Left to right) Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Madchen Amick, Ignacio Serricchio and Julia Ormond star in an all-new episode of "Witches of East End," airing Sunday, Oct. 5, at 10 p.m. EDT on Lifetime. Photo: Lifetime

IBTimes: Rachel Boston described the finale as an “epic, romantic, time-traveling adventure.” How would you describe the final two episodes?

Friedman: I would say epic and romantic is definitely on the money. It’s suspenseful, it’s scary, it’s shocking, it’s twisty, and parts are sad. There are some really great scenes of our family coming together and working together. And that’s some of my favorite stuff – the women interacting with each other and working together for a common goal. But there are also some pretty crazy twists.

IBT: Because you’re leaving fans with such a huge cliffhanger in the final five minutes of the Season 2 finale, does this mean the remainder of the story would be told if/when Season 3 is renewed?

Friedman: Yes. Listen, we don’t know if we have a Season 3 yet -- obviously -- but we very much hope we do, because there’s a lot more story to tell. And there are some really cool places we’re going to go, some unexpected places that we begin to show at the end of the episode. I’m really excited about it. I really hope we get a Season 3 because I’m already coming up with so many ideas. There’s so much I’m excited about.

What are your theories on the Season 2 finale of “Witches of East End”? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in when the two-part finale airs Sunday, Oct. 5, at 9 p.m. EDT.