Witches of East End
Channing Tatum isn't too thrilled with Jenna Dewan-Tatum's sex scenes in "Witches of East End." Lifetime/Witches of East End

“Witches of East End” will be casting a spell over fans when the hit Lifetime series returns to television with a magical Season 2 on July 6. And while we overzealously prepare for the sophomore season by dusting off the tarot cards and preparing the sage to be burned, we can’t help but wonder: How excited is Channing Tatum to watch his wife/baby mama bring the heat when the season premieres?

According to Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who plays Freya Beauchamp, her hubby isn’t exactly jumping for joy – especially because Season 2 is rumored to be even sexier than the last. During an interview with E! News the stunning TV witch revealed the truth of how Tatum really feels about her steamy “WOEE” sex scenes and sensual story line.

Witches of East End Season 2
"Witches of East End" brings the heat in Season 2 with sexy scenes. Lifetime/Witches of East End

“It’d be weird if he was like, ‘Ah, I’m cool with it, do whatever,’ you know?” she laughed, explaining how her husband isn’t the biggest fan of her locking lips with other men on television. "It's never fun [shooting love scenes], but you just get really used to it, it's weird."

Dewan-Tatum wasn’t kidding when she said she’s gotten her fair share of scripted sex scenes. Currently her character is in a spicy love triangle – between two brothers! Now we know why Tatum is green in the face. If we saw our significant other teetering back and forth between the handsome Daniel DiTomasso (who plays Killian Gardiner) and the adorable Eric Winter (Dash Gardiner) we’d be a bit jealous, too!

But Dewan-Tatum was quick to assure fans that she only has eyes for the “22 Jump Street” star.

"I've kind of got the best at home," she said.

Despite her confirmation, we totally get where Tatum’s concerns comes from. Just check out these erotic scenes below that highlight Freya and Killian’s undeniable connection: