• The victim was noted to allegedly lose her balance
  • Witnesses claimed the trains could not stop in time
  • People call for additional safety measures for the subway 

Two intoxicated women were involved in an incident that killed one of them when she fell off a Brooklyn subway and under a train. Witnesses stood horrified at the scene.

The young women were coming from a party where they had been drinking when they got off a train at the Broadway Junction station at 12.20 a.m.

The two of them were also wearing high heels and looked quite drunk, according to witnesses.

Kwame Martin, a bystander, claimed they were arm in arm, and they stumbled and fell between two of the train cars.

Apparently, when one of them slipped, the other tried to catch her. The weight was too much for her, so they both rolled on to the tracks.

The witness claimed the cars were moving, and the women’s screams could be heard as the train rolled over them. At that point, everyone began to hit the side of the train, telling the conductor to stop.

The report from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority showed the conductor pulled the emergency brakes as the train pulled out. Only one of the cars had exited by the time the conductor stopped the train.

Police claimed they arrived at the scene to see one of the women unresponsive. She was pronounced dead from injuries which have not been disclosed.

A medical examiner was to determine the cause of death, according to the New York Police Department Report. The next of kin have also yet to be notified, hence the reason the victim’s identity has not been released.

The other woman identified as Jennifer Fuentes only suffered an injury to her arm. She was taken to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center in stable condition.

A man, later identified as her boyfriend declined a chance to comment after visiting her in the hospital on Sunday morning.

Subway riders at the station called for additional safety measures.

One of the bystanders, Allegresse, said in her experience in China, there were walls between the people and the track. That means there is no chance for such accidents.

Others like LaJuan Wix agreed with the sentiments saying the MTA has to begin thinking about the best means of improving the trains and making them more modern to avoid such accidents.

Martin stated that he had been shaken up very badly by the entire incident, and his statements were echoed by almost everyone there.

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