The New York Police Department on Tuesday released the image of a couple having sex in full public view on a subway platform. The act was caught on a surveillance camera in November.

The incident was recorded on Nov. 22, 9:30 a.m. EST, at the New York City’s Bowling Green subway station in Lower Manhattan. The image shows a woman performing oral sex on her partner while the man sat on a bench. Police alleged that the couple had sex not just once but twice at two different subway stations the same day. They also had sex at the busy Grand Central subway station later in the day.

A 38-second-long video shot from inside a train also shows the same man performing oral sex on his partner who was lying on a pile of clothing while people looked on in disbelief, according to the New York Post.

The man weighs about 200 pounds and has brown eyes whereas the woman’s face wasn’t clearly caught on the camera. The incident was witnessed by "multiple customers" inside the station, officials said.

Whether the couple boarded a train later or left the station was not disclosed. However, officials revealed that the man in the photograph was wanted for public lewdness.

“Oh, my God, is that nasty!” a witness, Naiikeema Graves, exclaimed. “They should find a hotel, not the subway. It’s disgusting, it’s degrading,” another witness, Olson Leiva, a roofer from The Bronx, said.

Police were seeking public help to arrest the couple.

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