Houston -- Police in Texas are on the lookout for a woman, who allegedly murdered her sister and then forced her own 13-year-old son to help dispose of her body.

The body of the victim, Cynthia Cervantes, was found on April 1 at an industrial metal work business after a witness came across a burned corpse and informed a railroad employee.

The victim’s sister, Carmen White, allegedly shot Cervantes several times, including once in the back of the neck severing her spinal cord, on March 31. She is then said to have dumped her sibling’s body at the end of a dirt road and set the body on fire, KPRC2 reported.

Cops spoke to White’s ex-boyfriend, who said she offered him sexual favors in exchange for his help in handling her sister’s dead body. But the ex-boyfriend refused.

White then asked her 13-year-old son to help her move an “unknown” time in her car. The teenager was playing in the park with his 12-year-old brother when the mother asked for his help.

“He reached down and lifted what felt like human legs, so [he] dropped the legs back to the ground,” court documents state.

The son kept refusing even as White repeatedly ordered him to pick the body up and help her move it into her car. She then turned “extremely aggressive,” after which the terrified boy gave in and complied, according to the New York Post.

White's gray Chevrolet HHR was captured on camera driving in the area where the body was dumped. A family friend recognized the car and said White had been acting extremely nervous and was paranoid on April 8.

The woman insisted on trading the vehicle that she had just bought on March 5 and claimed the air-conditioner was not working, according to ABC 13.

Investigators found a significant amount of blood in the car’s “rear cargo area and on an envelope found under the front driver's side seat.” The blood was sent for DNA testing and investigators are waiting on the results.

The family friend also claimed that White recently had an altercation with her sister and wanted to take revenge after Cervantes called the cops on her in February. White was charged at the time for making a terroristic threat to a family member and possessing meth.

A warrant is out for White’s arrest.

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