An Ohio woman has been arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges after she locked her dog in a hot car as “punishment,” resulting in the canine’s death.

Police were called to the residence of Mouheb Ashakih, of Sandusky, on Saturday after a neighbor saw her picking up her dog, Chapo, and throwing it into the back of her car, WMTV reported.

The neighbor reportedly told police that he observed the dog “tearing up the inside of the vehicle and it appeared he wanted out.” All the windows of the car were rolled up. Fearing for the canine’s safety, he asked Ashakih to let the dog out, but she allegedly replied, “I don’t care. I want him to die.”

Ashakih admitted to the responding officers that she put her dog inside the vehicle as a “punishment” for attacking her other dog. The officers found the canine lying lifeless on the floorboards of the vehicle.

According to police, no windows were open in the car despite the temperature being 81 degrees.

“Mouheb began screaming upon observing her canine and begged us to break her car window,” the police report stated.

Officers at the scene broke the window and “a very hot burst of air” was released from the vehicle. The interior of the car was found hotter than outside. The dog showed no signs of life and was very hot to the touch, the officers stated in the report.

"The vehicle's interior was observed to be destroyed and covered in blood, which indicates the dog was struggling and attempting to exit the vehicle," the report said, adding that the dog’s paw had lacerations and it was covered in blood, "as if he was attempting to scratch/dig his way out."

Ashakih was arrested on a charge of felony animal cruelty. She is said to be due in court Monday, the New York Post reported.

Ashakih had four other dogs, including a 2-year-old pooch and three 6-month old puppies. All the animals were removed from her residence.

In June, a couple was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after officers found a dead marmoset monkey and another 5-weeks-old monkey in distress inside a hot car near a Tennessee Waterpark.

Representational image of a group of puppies. REUTERS