• A woman suffered bruises and injuries after a road rage incident involving another female driver
  • She said she had a hard time getting into her turning lane and admitted to having to cut in front of the other vehicle
  • The woman claimed the other driver allegedly grabbed her and shoved her to the ground after calling her "all sorts of names"

A woman in Canada’s British Columbia province suffered bruises and injuries after she said she was pushed to the ground by another female driver in a road rage incident.

Vanessa Evans, of Kelowna, British Columbia, told Castanet that she was on her way home on Highway 97 Wednesday when the incident occurred. She said that she needed to make a right turn onto Leathead Road but had a hard time getting into the right-turn lane after the Highway 33 intersection.

“I find my opening, and proceed with my lane change when this GMC comes out of nowhere," she said. "I quickly correct and returned to my original lane.”

Evans told the outlet that she had a hard time getting into her turning lane and admitted to having to cut in front of the other vehicle.

She said she “made an evasive action and moved into the right lane to avoid hard braking, ultimately causing [the other driver] to have to slow down."

According to Evans, the other driver began to drive aggressively. The unnamed woman drove back and forth behind her, honking the horn for two blocks.

Evans said she eventually pulled over after she saw the other driver follow her once she made her turn.

“I get out of my vehicle, she gets out of her vehicle and begins calling me 'crazy b---h' and all sorts of other names,” the Kelowna woman claimed.

At one point, Evans started to walk away. But the other driver allegedly grabbed her from behind and shoved her to the ground. This left her with bruises on the arms and wrist and a wound on her knee, Evans said.

“I suffered some severe bruising on my wrist and arm and some nasty road rash on my right knee,” she told the outlet.

The incident has been reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Pictures of the suspect and the license plate of the other vehicle were handed to authorities as well.

However, Evans said police told her they were unable to track down the suspect.

“The unfortunate part is the plates don't register to the woman. So she could still be a threat to other people,” Evans said.

No other detail about the incident has been released as of writing.

In related news, an 8-year-old boy was shot in Amarillo, Texas, in a possible road rage incident Friday night, ABC 7 reported.

Officers with the Amarillo Police Department drove up on what appeared to be an accident involving two trucks right as it occurred just before 11 p.m. Friday.

The driver of one truck, Eric Frausto, got out and told police that his 8-year old son, Nicasio Raymond Frausto, had been shot by the driver of the other truck and that they had chased him down and forced him off the road.

The child was rushed to a hospital in serious condition. The father said his son's surgery went well, and the boy is now awake and talking.

The suspect, Frankie Lee Haigood, was also treated at the hospital for his injuries before being booked into the Potter County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Amarillo Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit is investigating the incident.

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