A Georgia woman whose boyfriend asked her to clean their home responded by grabbing his genitals and attempting to "rip his nuts off," deputies say.

Richmond County sheriff’s deputies in Augusta, Georgia, say they responded to a domestic situation on Alden Drive Sunday, Feb. 11 after Melinda Dillashaw, 47, and her boyfriend became engaged in a physical altercation over cleaning their house. The boyfriend claims that he told Dillashaw to clean their residence because it was covered with animal feces, at which point the two commenced a verbal altercation.

But the boyfriend then allegedly escalated the situation by throwing her to the ground and beginning to choke Dillashaw, deputies said, according to WFXG-TV. Once the boyfriend pounced on top of her, Dillashaw reacted by grabbing his genitals and attempting to rip them off.

Dillashaw was allegedly overheard by the arresting deputy at the jail saying, “you’re damn right I was going to rip his nuts off.”

Emergency services responded to the couple’s home and treated the man for bleeding from his genital area, deputies said.

According to Richmond County arrest records, Dillashaw was charged with simple battery and released on bond.