An 18-year-old girl elbowed a 13-year-old boy in the testicles after he laughed at her when she “expelled wind” from her vagina while having sex in the back of a school bus, according to a Pennsylvania State Police report.

The girl is a high school student whose name was not publicly released. The police report, obtained by the Smoking Gun on Wednesday, said both teenagers were riding in a school bus around 3 p.m. Friday in Armstrong County, about 50 miles from Pittsburgh, when the incident occurred.

“The accused expelled wind from the vulva during coitus while at the back of the bus,” the Pennsylvania State Police report said. “The victim began to laugh and chuckle at the accused for her actions. The accused approached the victim and elbowed him in the testicles.”

The girl was cited for harassment, but it’s unclear whether she was formally charged in the incident. The Smoking Gun said the report, which contained vulgar language, spurred top officials at the Pennsylvania State Police to ask the officer to submit another version.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Brad Jordan released a second report asking the media to “disregard” the first report because it “contained incorrect information.”

The second report was vague on details, only saying, “A known person is alleged of striking the victim during a verbal disagreement while on the bus. Investigation continues.”