A Florida woman was arrested Saturday after crashing a wedding, pouring a drink on a man and punching a woman in the face, reported Orlando CBS-affiliate WKMG Tuesday. 

Despite not being invited to the Palm Coast wedding, Shelby McDowell, 20, said she attended because her boyfriend of two years was there alone. McDowell’s boyfriend, Darby Johns, was allegedly dancing and kissing a woman on the dancefloor. The woman said McDowell then threw a drink on the woman and Johns and punched her before running into the bathroom.

McDowell released a written statement recounting her version of the events, saying it is the “closest to the ‘real’ truth that you will ever hear.” She said she wore a wig and snuck into the wedding to see Johns, who a friend told her was getting “too close” to another woman. McDowell said she saw a woman, Crystal Munoz, sitting on Johns’ lap and kissing him. When she saw them get up and go towards the dance floor, she threw a drink on both of them, claiming it was meant for Johns. After the incident, McDowell said she ran into the bathroom, where she was attacked by four girls.

Resort personnel said when they entered the bathroom to break up the fight, McDowell was on top of Johns’ companion and was punching the woman in the face. When questioned by authorities, Johns denied McDowell was his girlfriend and said he and the woman were walking to the dancefloor when McDowell went after them. McDowell was arrested and charged with battery. She spent the night in Flagler County Jail. 

“I am aware that going to a wedding uninvited is wrong. I am aware that pouring a drink on someone is also wrong,” McDowell wrote in her statement. “I am very apologetic towards the bride and groom, since this happened at their wedding. I never intended for it to have gotten so out of control.”